Client Survey Results

2019 Client Survey - Scoring Summary
“I was  well informed of my choices and rights as a client or caregiver”    
 "The programs/services at LEO met my  needs"  
"The programs/services at LEO  contributed to my independence"    
"The programs/services improved my  quality of life"    
"The programs/services improved my  quality of life"
"Staff kept me well informed about  my services"    
"I was as involved in the decisions  of my services as I wanted to be"  
"I found it easy to arrange services  or get the help I needed"
"I feel LEO supported me/my family  member in activities of daily living"    
"The staff at LEO were respectful of  my needs"
"The cost of the programs/services  are reasonable and affordable"
"I would recommend LEO to  others"
Agree or higher

2019 Client Survey Suggested Improvements

Improvements to be implemented:

• A trend has been noticed that clients felt that they were not given enough notice about price increases or service changes before implementation. LEO will strive to give at least two months of notice to clients of upcoming service/price changes when possible. A variety of methods will be used (client newsletters, notices, phone calls, Facebook, etc.).

• More communication from staff is requested from clients if there is a change to the time of service than what was originally arranged.

• The perception from respondents was that most felt that question 10 was for clients requiring assistance with completing activities of daily living. In order to get a better response rate, the question will be reworded to be clearer.

• In order to decrease the time needed to complete an in-home assessment, ways to streamline the questionnaire or to split up the time needed will be investigated.

• A respondent suggested that drivers be retrained on the proper use of the lifts and other safety features. Implementation of yearly skills refresher training for all departments.

• Clients using services from either the Crisis Intervention department and the Retirement Housing should have the survey hand delivered to them in hopes of a better return rate.

Page 32 of 32 Possible improvements:

• Some clients have had to stop going to the Diners Club due to dietary restrictions. Caterers should be asked if they can provide other options that suit dietary needs of clients if given enough notice.

• To increase the number of respondents answering the question about the customer service they received when signing up for a service, investigate mailing surveys out throughout the year (possibly within 6 months of new clients signing up for service. Existing client surveys to be mailed out in May like usual).

• Several respondents commented that they did not hear back from staff after leaving a message. A policy should be implemented to stipulate that messages left will be called back within one business day.

• Forever Fit classes are well attended and a valuable tool for helping client mobility that possible location expansion should be investigated.

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"About 10 years ago, my arthritis began interfering with my daily life. I was having trouble keeping up my home and did not know where to turn. My husband and I realized we would have to make the decision to either ask for help or possibly move. After contacting Lambton Elderly Outreach, I was amazed by the help they provided me with. I have had my homemaker for 10 years and I could not be anymore satisfied with the service. I am thankful for Lambton Elderly Outreach because without their help, I would not be able to live in my home."

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