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Retirement Home Support Program

This program helps low income, at-risk senior’s find supportive housing in a retirement home.  We contract with participating retirement homes to provide subsidy to those that qualify. Funding is being provided by the County of Lambton.

To apply for this program, individuals must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a Lambton Senior.

  • Meet the financial threshold, including having limited assets (max. $5000.00).

  • Require the supports offered by Retirement Home level of Care and not require Long Term Care.

  • Complete an application for eligibility with the Subsidized Retirement Home Program Coordinator from Lambton Elderly Outreach and supply the required documentation.

  • Agree to placement.

  • Complete an application for suitability with one of the partner Retirement Homes.

An intake assessment will be completed as part of the client onboarding process. We look at financial and medical need for all applications.

  • How Far in Advance Must I Request a Ride?
    Any booking made with short notice (prior day, or day of notice) will be subject to a $10.00 administration fee.
  • How Do I Book a Ride?
    To request a ride, you can either: Call our office at 519-845-1353 or 1-800-265-0203 (toll free) Email us at Request online here. You will need the following informaton: Date of trip Destination address Pick up time and location Appointment time (if applicable) Return time
  • What if I Need to Cancel My Ride?
    Twelve hours notice for trip cancellation is required. You will be billed for the cost of the trip with a minimum $20.00 charge if twelve hours cancellation notice is not given.
  • Can I Bring Someone With Me?
    Our transportation service is door to door; however, you may bring someone with you free of charge so that they can assist you to your destination.
  • How Much Does Service Cost?
    Please click here to view our current rates.
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